Taupiri is a small township of about 450 people on the eastern bank of the Waikato River in the Waikato District of New Zealand. It is guarded by Taupiri Mountain, the sacred burial ground for the Waikato tribes of the Maori people, located just to the north. It is remembered in the tribal saying:

  • Ko Waikato te awa - Waikato is the river
  • Ko Taupiri te maunga - Taupiri is the mountain
  • Ko Te Wherowhero te tangata - Te Wherowhero is the man
Taupiri township from mountain
Taupiri mountain walkway tower


The Taupiri Mountain loop track follows up to the summit of Mount Taupiri. The loop track can be divided into 3 parts. Starting from the southernmost entrance to the track the first part leads up a 900-metre long steep climb to the summit. The northernmost second part leads down a steep 930-metre long steep track to an extension of the access road. The last leg is an easy walk of about 770 metres along the access road extension to the parking area near SH1 and the railway line. Total distance about 2.6 km, with a climb of about 270 metres.

The Trig station shown on the right is 288 metres above sea level with views of Mount Pirongia, the Waikato River and overlooks the subdivision.


Less than 10 minutes from the subdivision is the popular Hakarimata Summit Hiking Track. The track is accessible off from Brownlee Avenue. The walk follows the Waterworks track to just before the dam where the it branches off to the right and climbs steeply up a well-constructed set of steps and stairs. It is a 335 metre climb from Brownlee Ave to the summit with 1,349 steps!

The track meets the Hakarimata Walkway and the summit tower at 374 metres above sea level. In spring you can smell the scented daphne, Alseuosmia hakarimata or topara growing beside the track. The tower provides good views out towards the coast and across the Waikato Basin and down to Ruapehu on a clear day.

People on the Hakarimata Walkway
New service centre on the Waikato Expressway


Recently completed in the area is an all-new service Centre on a strategic stretch of the Waikato Expressway. The service Centre is on the western side of the interchange, with both north and south-bound traffic able to access it from the western roundabout. The Centre is anchored by a BP service station/truck stop and a McDonald’s outlet, with retail space for other stores. Its opening coincided with the completion of the 15km Taupiri expressway.

“This is a chance to service the immediate and long-term future of the Waikato Expressway, which is a vital piece of infrastructure for the ‘Golden Triangle’ centres of Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

“The expressway will be the key strategic transport corridor for the Waikato region and connect Auckland to the agricultural and business centres of Waikato and Bay of Plenty.”